Off Camera – Scene 4.5

There’s no music, no production still. This is one of those vague moments between wipes when the bookkeeping happens. So help me determine where the wipe opens up. Are BB and Hiden going to sit at the console for a few hours, repairing and slicing? Are the party members going to try to do something about the stench aboard the Sybil’s Silence? What is Erska going to do about Arri? And what about the security dude? Not to mention Quida! Find out next time, on “Star Wars – Abandon All Hope”

Scene 4 – Arri

In the background, we see Hiden neatly parking the Centennial Sparrow in Slot 4. Shalo, Erska, and Siet have already mesh-taped Nolest’s mouth, flippers, and legs, and are rounding up the bodies of their fallen opponents. The three mon calimari are stacked on the cargo lift, either reverently or non-ceremoniously depending on who’s stacking. BB is notably absent from the scene outside the Sybil’s Silence, presumably inside slicing the ship’s computer.

Pyrrhic Victory

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Scene 3 – Conflict!

As we watch the Centennial Sparrow ease herself into a holding pattern outside Docking Bay 4, we experience the use of “manual-zoom-shaky-cam” and can just make out Siet and BB talking on the hangar deck. Cut to just behind the two talking about correcting the datapad on board. Just barely in-frame, we see Erska smoothly situate herself behind one of Sybil’s Silence’s landing struts, and then Shalo leaning against the slot partition, lightsaber drawn but not ignited.

Docking Bay 4

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