When did I know?

I’ve tried in vain thumbing through my archives the last couple days to find an essay I wrote for a writing class 14 years ago. It chronicled over half a dozen distinct moments when I’d questioned or confirmed my gender and/or sexuality. I read it out loud to my classmates, who were super accepting (Santa Cruz does get some things right). For the record, coming out shows up on privilege checklists – cishets never face coming out at all; I’ve done it a couple dozen times.

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Coming out

Hi everyone. I’m a transgender woman.

This is not a surprise to most people who’ve known me 8+ years. I was much more open about it then. I think I’m going to frame this post like a question/answer. Which may be awkward, so I’ll drop any TMI stuff at the end, with a warning. Some of these questions are things you should never ask a trans person, unless they volunteer the information. Basically, think of it this way. If you have a question in mind, and you would think it tremendously rude to ask of a cisgender person, don’t ask it of a trans person. Continue reading

End of Arcana Evolved Saga Edition

So a while ago, after falling in love with Star Wars Saga Edition (which, btw, is the system I used to run the short-lived PbP on this blog), I started working to convert my favorite game setting/system into a Saga version. Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved and the Diamond Throne setting contained within – a pretty ambitious goal. It’s been a long time since I updated any of it on my Wiki.

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Story Gaming, or Gaming by Numbers

So the other day, I commented against this post on d20 Radio’s forums. And then I realized I had a bit more to say about the subject, so here we are!

I think the d20 revolution is over. There’s this huge push, in practically every corner of the RPG industry, towards “story-focused” systems. Deadlands, Cortex+, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, FATE, Numenera, etc. Games where the burden of the story rests on both the GM’s and the players’ shoulders. The burden of the mechanics also ends up split, and the results are extremely open-ended.

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Being a parent is making me a better GM

It’s true. RPG players are like kids. Hear me out.

You never know what they’re going to do next. You want them to have fun just as much as they do, but they’ll do everything they can to belie that. The best way to do this is to control them, without them knowing they’re being controlled. When they get frustrated, distract them with something to hold their attention. And? They’re both smarter than you can imagine, and dumber than you can believe.

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Time, time, time – See what’s become of me…

So I’ve started reading Successful Time Management for Dummies. Which is something I’m horrible at. No matter how many GTD techniques I’ve tried (5 PalmOS devices over the last 13 years, whiteboards, paper lists, email reminders, alarms, etc) they simply don’t work. So there’s something not quite right there that’s much more systemic – simply applying different techniques isn’t the way to fix it.

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Hello Tumblr.

Note that this was my first post to Tumblr, not WordPress.

So. Are you simply another social media… thing? Is there a reason to use you if I have a (pretty much completely abandoned) LJ, heavily read FB, heavily read Twitter, and barely acknowledged G+ already in the barn?

It would seem that this fulfills the same function as FB or G+, but with anonymity. Follow as many people as you want (like Twitter) but blog half a dozen different media at any time (like the others).

I suppose the next step is finding an aggregator. Post on X, and have it propagate to Y, Z, A, B, and C. I already have Twitter funneled to FB.

Ah, thoughts in more than 140 chars…