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  1. So I didn’t make this clear, as is evident by BB & Siet’s actions. The implication is that we’re joining the group in media res, and they’ve already met up and found a common means to different goals (most likely through BB).

    Feel free to make up the specifics of everyone’s meetings in conversation and/or thought text, but leads to Siet’s and Erska’s mysteries are being followed.

    This may not change Siet and BB’s actions, but might change their motivations.

    • I had kinda figured that, but wanted BB to scout around the bazaar w/o being part of a group…no one ever suspects the astromech is listening to them, right?

      And of course, after making a round of the bazaar, BB is going to inform Siet about the ship being here…but I wanted to make sure everyone got posting first.

  2. Since I don’t want to clutter the IC thread…since Erska is right by the controls now, if ya’ll can get the mon cals off the platform, based on what the other two enemies do, Erska can get herself up into the ship, if needed

  3. OK, so BB is obviously useless in a firefight. So, here is my plan. if the Mon Cals are drawn away from the platform, I could try to get in the ship and access its computer. Or I can just radio the security forces…either way, James, is it possible to hail the ships systems over wifi? Or would I need a scomp link-up?

    • There’s actually a link-up in L-19. It’s ostensibly a control panel for the cargo lift between the ship slots, but a droid could access more than “Up/Down”.

      Hrm, maybe the map needs slightly more explanation. Back to main post!

      • Oh, NOW I see the big red button! Actually, the map is a bit small, hard to focus on the details. I think I will go for the big red button then. I assume that finishes up my turn. Lets now ponder what I could do with that big red button…

  4. Out of curiosity, can I turn on the ship’s “brights” and try to blind the Yummy Calamari and possibly outline them?

    • Or get him to help BB. With a speed of 8, Erska can double move to the mon cal at the controls and put a gun to his back to get him to stop.

        • Well, don’t waste an allies action on me. BB is about to run for cover. I’m using the droids courage to run away, a la zoidberg. I’m totally buying my own repairs droid when I get the chance…

  5. On a side note, I just checked on the updated map, and WOW. Loving the ship designs and the lighting effect in the docking bay..

    I doubt these Mon Cals will listen to a droid, so someone put a gun to the head of the ship-controlling Mon Cal and see if those other two act as tough as they wish they were…

  6. Ok, folks. Today is my good day for making updates. Make it count!

    Current status with initiative:
    Shalo, Hiden, and Erska have all gone.
    Siet, BB, and Nolest have yet to go.

  7. Writing up the responses to Hiden/Siet/Erska right now. Have to commute, so won’t be immediate. Other than Hiden’s success at positioning the ship, nothing’s changing yet in the map, so you others can feel free to continue acting.

  8. Was a completed character link ever made and posted? I created a page in the wiki but it was never filled in…I think an image was made at some point….

    • The wiki pages for your respective characters are yours. I might do things here or there (like the math edits a couple weeks ago, or adding the token images I tossed together for combat), but the five of you have full creative power on them.

      I wouldn’t suggest changing anything mechanically now that the game is underway, but adding RP info, filling out mechanicals that might have been missing, etc is all great!

  9. So do we have an end point goal in this scene guys? Are we trying to NOT kill the mon cals? Besides having to bribe off some guards to clean this up (which I have credits for), is there a problem with killing them off and quickly? The longer it takes, the explaining we’ll have to do.

    • I’d prefer not killing them, but that ship seems to have already sailed. Though you do have an impartial eye witness to inform the authorities that they fired first (and I don’t even have to lie).

  10. Ok gents, feels like we are just trying to “peacefully” remove the Mon Cals. Anyone against me heading towards the ship and trying to override the Mon Cal command structures? I take it there is still a ramp down for me to zoom up?

      • Rats. Any chance The Silence has wifi that I can try to hack from? Probably not…Erska, how about opening up a ramp for me? Your in the cockpit, right? If you have to pistol-whip that mon cal, I won’t shed a robo-tear.

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