Mehri’s Snafu

Went out for Mother’s Day today. Took Little Dude and the Wife and the MIL. We went to Mehri’s Bakery & Deli over on SE 52nd Ave. I chose it because the Yelp reviews were so glowing! Mistake of the month.

The initial impression was great. Everyone was friendly, and even though we were 15 minutes early for our reservation, we were seated right away. The ladies ordered a mimosa and a bloody Mary, and we got Little Dude set up with the iPod. And… it started to go downhill.

The menu was drastically reduced from the one on the web site, with the explanation that it was Mother’s Day. I think this was probably a mistake on Mehri’s part, since she was probably cooking unfamiliar dishes on a busy day. It took another 45 minutes before anyone actually took our order. During that time, I had to wait quite a while to get the cream and sugar for my coffee, and the ladies ordered a second round of drinks.

I finally got up, went to the drinks server, and notified her that our orders hadn’t been taken. Evidently, both of the folks taking orders were convinced that the other had already done it. Seriously? You have like ten tables. Ok, great, they take our order. The ladies order the same thing, a salmon Benedict, and I get a spinash goat cheese omelet. Little Dude saw the turnovers on the way in, and wouldn’t let us convince him otherwise. They brought that right out, and he covered himself with powdered sugar while we were waiting.

Oh hey, remember that second round of drinks? Never showed up. The food did – but somehow they thought the ladies were sharing a plate. Only one order of Benedicts arrived at the table. My wife was so pissed off, her appetite completely disappeared. We asked for two boxes, ate what we could, and got ready to go. No ticket yet. So my wife hung out at the register until the counter guy helped her. He had to ask her for the billable items. What? No wonder our food was so screwed up – nobody wrote anything down!

At this point, Mehri herself came out, declared our meal on the house, and handed us a complimentary tray of pastries. Not bad for reparations, but it had already all been a fiasco.

Anyway. A copy of this is going on Yelp. The food was great. But the timing was horrible.

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