Scene 4 – Arri

In the background, we see Hiden neatly parking the Centennial Sparrow in Slot 4. Shalo, Erska, and Siet have already mesh-taped Nolest’s mouth, flippers, and legs, and are rounding up the bodies of their fallen opponents. The three mon calimari are stacked on the cargo lift, either reverently or non-ceremoniously depending on who’s stacking. BB is notably absent from the scene outside the Sybil’s Silence, presumably inside slicing the ship’s computer.

Pyrrhic Victory

Siet steps over to remove the corpse of the stormtrooper from the hangar deck, when a cough emanates from the body! In trying (and failing) to push off the floor, the plasteel helmet clatters dully onto the durasteel floor, revealing… Erska!? She shudders, coughs some blood, collapses once more, and does not move again. No, not Erska. Hair’s slightly lighter, and she must be an inch shorter. But the resemblance is eerie.

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  1. While this is all very interesting and Hiden would love to help a friend, it probably won’t make money and there’s still the ship and the new part to pay for. He will keep in communication if there’s anything the rest of the party needs, but right now he has three higher priorities he’s going to be doing from his ship or a local computer terminal:

    1. Check to see if security has been called. (OOC: computers +9, gather info +8)
    2. See if I can locate and arrange a meeting with Quida (Ravokk sent me to settle his debt; he’s on Black-16)
    3. Get the catalyzer installed (OOC: mechanics +9)

    Note: If BB asks, fixing him up takes priority.

  2. [Hiden]
    As Hiden lands the ship, the hangar droids automatically patch the Centennial Sparrow into the wired network. Hiden is able to bring up the publicly accessible security feed for the Errant Venture. No disturbances have been reported in Bay 4, although the issue in Bay 18 has been cleared from the feed, implying that folks will be coming back very soon. You get the feeling that the security on a ship like this tends to let a lot of problems sort themselves out.

    Quida turns out to be an easy find. He runs a clinic for the poorly maintained health of the folks on Black Level. You can’t tell without actually sitting down with people more specifics, but once you’re on Black 16 you won’t have to wander around aimlessly.

    The catalyzer hasn’t turned up yet. It really hasn’t been very long since Hiden’s conversation with X3-P8. However, as long as BB doesn’t request assistance, and as long as Hiden’s ok with grounding the ship, it’s a fairly simple (but time-consuming) matter for someone as skilled as Mr. Gosek to prepare the hyperdrive for the part. In fact, he probably twirls spanners like a gunslinger as he heads to the engine room.

    Yeah, that battle felt like it took a month and a half, but five rounds is less than a minute.

    Use Computer – (22)
    Gather Info – (26)
    Mechanics – (26)
    Rollin’ like a champ!

  3. “Please, never make me have to do that again,” Erska mutters as she finally gets the Quarren grouped with the other bodies. “Having to breath deeply in there right now, just, ugh.” She jumps slightly, startled at the sound of the stormtrooper still being alive, and notices the red hair as she walks over.

    “Good hair choice at least, but…wait…what??” Her eyes grow wide at what she sees, rushing over and kneeling down in front of the other girl. “Who..I mean, how..?” She carefully moves her hair aside to get a clearer look at her face, then looks up at Shalo in disbelief, speechless.

    • OOC: I hope you folks aren’t waiting for a die roll or something from me. This is your time to shine!

      … psst, Bryan, I think Erska’s addressing Shalo…

      • OOC: Yes, I think so…but damn me if I can remember who this supposed to be.

        A clone? I would assume red hair is distinctive.

        • [Shalo]
          You’ve never met a clone with red hair. Or, ya know, femininity. Every clone in the stormtrooper corps has been a practically identical swarthy Australian.

          You realize your feeling of familiarity is probably because of Erska.

          • OOC: Got it.

            IC: “Yes, that’s …disturbing.”

            OOC: Given that I would indeed know much about the clone army (or at least be familiar), how about I take a closer look at the armor, weapons, etc to see if there’s anything marking it as either a knockoff, or at least a sense of unit / origin.

  4. With all the excitement going on outside, BB has plugged into the The Silences main computer and sets about finding out what the Mon Cals had been doing with Siet’s ship. Download logs, transmissions, etc. Finally, BB will reset Siet and himself as the primary users, and link his long-term com to the ship. If no one comes to disrupt him and he gets this all done, he come out of the ship and see return to the others.

    OK, seems like a lot here, perhaps most of this is behind the scenes/in-between. My goal is to make sure if anyone comes asking, the ship is Siets, and we can brush this whole encounter off as reclaiming stolen property with little evidence to the contrary. Use Computer +7.

    BB would LOVE to be repaired, the sooner I am the better.

  5. [BB]
    The Silence’s system seems to have three layers of firewalls built in before you can do anything more than issue basic commands (like “lower central ramp” for example). This is going to take a fair amount of time – it might be most prudent to spend immediate resources on removing evidence of the scuffle from outside the ship.

    Use Computer – (8) – Natural 1!!
    Ah well. By the by, I made the assumption that before slicing, BB spent three swifts to move that one step up the CT.

  6. OOC: Rats….and somehow I didn’t get that last post via email…weird. Time to rejoin the group and see what the fleshbags want to do next.

  7. After a moment more of being stunned, Erska moves around the body to its left side, trying to see if she can remove the armor from around the left arm.

    OOC: Dunno if this requires a roll or not…

    • OOC: Yup, seeing that I failed to link up with Siets Ship, thats next on the list. Also, it should help things move forward.

  8. [Erska]
    The stormtrooper armor comes off fairly easily, as it’s designed to be mobile rather than a prison. Erska tears the black jumpsuit at the shoulder, revealing the upper third of Arri’s arm. Tattooed just below the tear are the letters “RE”, written in High Galactic.

    Her eyes shutter open briefly, focus on Erska, and almost inaudibly the dying girl whispers, “Kuat… safe…” before finally collapsing with a rattle in her breath.

    Hiden is stepping out of his ship to head over to help BB, when a single Errant Venture security officer steps through the main hangar entrance. Thanks to ships between the entrance and the Silence (the Sparrow being one of them), he probably cannot see any signs of violence.

    It looks like he’s putting down some things by his post before making a sweep, and muttering something to himself.

  9. Hiden heads over to the other ship to fix up BB and upon seeing others working on cleaning up the bodies, informs them to hurry up, the authorities are coming.

  10. Erska’s left hand brushes over the tattoo as her right hand grabs at her own left arm at the same spot. “RE…Kuat…” In her distracted state, she almost misses what Hiden says about incoming authorities. “Give us a hand then. At least the new stench of Siet’s ship will help cover this up.”

  11. “You know your blasters have a stun setting!” Hiden says as he attempts to help move the bodies, though he seems to be more of a hindrance on the lifting department. “If I had wanted to be a mortician I would have gone to medical school.”

  12. [Shalo]
    Without being a chemical engineer, Shalo’s best guess is that the armor is the same material as clone/storm trooper suits. It’s just obviously much smaller than the norm. Each of the plates is perfectly formed, at a size to fit Arri / Erska.

    With the exception of Shalo, everyone in the group shows a distinct lack of weight-training. Nonetheless, Nolest and all the bodies are lifting, hidden, into the cargo bay of Sybil’s Silence just as the security officer is strolling up.

    “What on Alderaan happened to those cargo crates!?” he exclaims when he sees the debris left by Tessek’s wild shot, looking askance at anyone left outside the ship. Then he sniffs. “Wow. And Bay 18 thought they had a musk fish accident. Hoo-wee.”

  13. Hiden settles down in the corner of the port cargo bay that has an array of tools, and goes to work on BB. He’s removed the ventral chassis cover to get at the internal damage, when the ship’s comm system *bzzts* on.

    “Er, excuse me folks, is everyone in there all right? There seem to be signs of a scuffle out here.” comes in tinny from the comm speakers.

    Siet spins to face the comm panel in the starboard cargo bay. “Blast! That’s… inconvenient.” He raises his voice to carry across the ship. “BB! Did you get those records fixed?!”

    Hiden’s Mechanics check – (29) – that nat 20’s going to rock, once the hour-long repair is complete. I’ll double the HP repaired, for a total of… 4.

    I’m assuming from the crickets that everyone is inside the ship, and unable to interact directly with the Errant Venture security officer. Well, he’s a curious guy.

    Also, we’ve lost Jon (@Hzurr) to what amounts to overscheduling. I’ll fill in for Siet, but the basic end result will be that you folks probably shouldn’t count on the Sybil’s Silence as a long-term resource.

  14. Anyone who is onboard and near a console with external monitor access sees the Errant Venture security officer pull out a comlink, then talk into it as he examines the shattered crates, and some of the scorch marks. After a couple minutes, he stands resolutely and continues his sweep.

    The story continues in Off Camera.

    Sorry about the delay, folks. I got a little discouraged by the crickets, but I think we can crank this engine and bust out some story development! I’ll be camping this weekend, but feel free to use “Off Camera” as a focused out-of-character channel.

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