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Useful Links

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Player Characters

Back Story Links - how these characters know each other before the start of the game

GM Characters

  • Nolest Tortola - the Mon Calimari who stole Siet Marr's Sybil's Silence
    • Notha, Norssa, Tessek, Arri - known crewmembers of the Silence, all deceased
  • Ravokk - a harch "Merchant Prince" doing business on the Errant Venture
  • Quida - Ravokk's rodian contact on Black Level

Important Locations

  • The Errant Venture - an Imperial Star Destroyer "recommissioned" as a shadowport by Booster Terrik
  • The Facility - Erska's mysterious place of origin
  • Frutara IV - Shalo's turning point (also, he's probably juice-on-sight there)
  • Sybil's Silence - Siet Marr's ship, currently in the possession of Nolest Tortola
  • The Centennial Sparrow - Hiden Gosek's ship, currently docked for repairs

Blog Posts

Opening Crawl
Scene 1 - Negotiations - Hiden strikes a deal with Ravokk
Scene 2 - Research - Siet learns his ship is on board
Scene 3 - Conflict! - party recovers Sybil's Silence through force
Scene 4 - Arri - a heavy revelation for Erska
Off Camera - Scene 4.5
Scene 5 - Quida - party makes their way to Black Level to parley with Ravokk's contact

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