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Welcome to the Wiki. While this started as a personal Wiki, I would love to see more than just the games I'm involved in chronicled here. So, please make yourself at home!

Due to heavy spambot traffic I removed non-user editing and anonymous account creation. So, once you've requested and received an account, edit and add articles to your hearts' content!

Wiki Editing

Currently Running Games

Previous Games

These are games that, for one reason or another, are not currently played or updated. But, they will be remembered!

  • Elemental Heroes - Six heroes save Aerethon from destruction by Strife!
  • Tombs, Trains and Tesla - Four adventurers seek new riches and discoveries for Her Majesty, Queen Victoria!
  • Send Lawyers, Guns and Money - Four heroes work to clear their names of Presidential Assassination!
  • How to Kill Puppies - Three anti-heroes enjoy spilling other people's blood.
  • City of Heroes - 180,000-ish heroes save Paragon City from certain doom!
  • Quest for Glory - Graduates from the Famous Adventure's Correspondence School set out on their own for adventure and glory.
  • Star Wars - couple of haulers just out to make a buck during the Clone Wars
  • Generic D&D - no real need for a link; it's all just one-shots technically

Possible Future Games

So far, these are simple ideas for games I'd like to run. In my copious spare time. Laugh, it's funny. Feel free to throw in your own ideas though.

Other things on the Wiki

  • Dharkona - my collaborative novel, login only
  • Drinks - we have a full bar in our house; as a result people tend to get... "creative"
  • Skype - poke-hole-in-firewall tutorial
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